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944. Ellipsis of the Copula.—The copulative verb εἶναι is often omitted, especially the forms ἐστί and εἰσί. This occurs chiefly

a. In general or proverbial statements: ““κοινὴ τύχη καὶ τὸ μέλλον ἀόρα_τονchance is common to all and the future cannot be scannedI. 1.29; b. in expressions of necessity, duty, etc.: ““ἀνάγκη φυλάττεσθαιit is necessary to be on our guardD. 9.6. So with ὥρα_, καιρός, εἰκός, χρεών, δέον, verbals in -τέον (2152), as ““θεραπευτέον τοὺς θεούςwe must serve the godsX. M. 2.1.28; c. with various adjectives: ἄξιος, δυνατός, πρόθυ_μος, δίκαιος, οἷος, φροῦδος, ἕτοιμος; thus, ““ ψυ_χὴ δουλεύειν ἑτοίμηthe soul is ready to be a servantP. Phae. 252a, ““εἴ τις ἐπερωτῴη πότερον κρεῖττονif anybody should ask whether it is betterX. M. 1.1.9.

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