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111. After αν, ον, αρ, ορ, [ιγλιδε] is shifted to the preceding syllable, forming αιν, οιν, αιρ, οιρ. This is called Epenthesis (ἐπένθεσις insertion).

φαίνω show for φαν-[ιγλιδε]ω, μέλαινα black for μελαν-[ιγλιδε]α, σπαίρω gasp for σπαρ-[ιγλιδε]ω, μοῖρα fate for μορ-[ιγλιδε]α. (So κλαίω weep for κλαϝ-[ιγλιδε]ω 38 a.) On ι after εν, ερ, ιν, ιρ, υν, υρ, see 37 a.

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