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113. (I) τ[ιγλιδε], θ[ιγλιδε] after long vowels, diphthongs, and consonants become ς; after short vowels τ[ιγλιδε], θ[ιγλιδε] become σς (not = ττ 78), which is simplified to ς.

αἶσα fate from αἰτ-[ιγλιδε]α, πᾶσα all from παντ-[ιγλιδε]α, μέσος middle (Hom. μέσσος) from μεθ-[ιγλιδε]ος (cp. Lat. med-ius), τόσος so great (Hom. τόσσος) from τοτ-[ιγλιδε]ος (cp. Lat. toti-dem).

a. In the above cases τ[ιγλιδε] passed into τς. Thus παντ-[ιγλιδε]α, παντσα, πανσσα, πάνσα (Cretan, Thessalian), πᾶσα (37 D. 3).

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