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2297. In this Grammar the ordinary types of conditional sentences are classified primarily according to time. The Homeric and other more usual variations from the ordinary forms are mentioned under each class, the less usual Attic variations are mentioned in 2355 ff. The following table shows the common usage:

Simpleει᾽ with present or perfectpresent or perfect indic-
indicativeative or equivalent
Unrealει᾽ with imperfect indicativeimperfect indicative with
Generalἐά_ν with subjunctivepresent indicative or
Simpleει᾽ with imperfect, aorist, orimperfect, aorist, or plu-
pluperfect indicativeperfect indicative
Unrealει᾽ with aorist or imperfectaorist or imperfect indic-
PASTindicativeative with ἄν
Generalει᾽ with optativeimperfect indicative or
More Vividἐά_ν with subjunctivefut. indic. or equivalent
FUTUREEmotionalει᾽ with future indicativefut. indic. or equivalent
Less Vividει᾽ with optativeἄν with optative

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