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2497. οἷος of such sort as to, proper for, and ὅσος of such amount as to, enough for, denote result and commonly take the infinitive (negative μή).

καλόν τε (δοκεῖ) εἶναι ἐπιστήμη καὶ οἷον ἄρχειν τοῦ ἀνθρώπου knowledge seems to be both a noble thing and able to command man P. Prot. 352 c, ““ὅσον μόνον γεύσασθαι ἑαυτῷ καταλιπώνleaving himself only enough to tasteX. A. 7.3.22. So οἷός τε able to (for τοιοῦτος οἶός τε); thus, ““συμβουλεύειν οἷοί τ᾽ ἐσόμεθαwe shall be able to give counselP. G. 455d.

a. On clauses with οἷος or ὅσος following a main clause after which we supply a verb of reflection, see 2687.

b. ὅσος is used elliptically in ὅσαι ἡμέραι (ὁσημέραι) daily, ὅσα ἔτη yearly.

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