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Strong GradesWeak Grade
1. 2.
a. ε: ο—or α
b. ει: οιι
c. ευ: ουυ
1. 2.
d. α_: ωα
e. η: ωε or α
f. ωο

a. ( ἐ-γεν-ό-μην I became: γέ-γον-α I am bornγί-γ ν-ο-μαι I become
( τρέπω I turn: τροπ-ή routἐ-τράπ-ην I was put to flight
b. πείθ-ω I persuade: πέ-ποιθ-α I trust (568πιθ-ανός persuasive
c. ἐλεύθσ-ο-μαι I shall go: ἐλ-ήλουθ-α I have goneἤλυθ-ο-ν I went (Epic)
d. φα_-μί (Dor., 30) I say: φω-νή speechφα-μέν we speak
e. ( τί-θη-μι I place: θω-μό-ς heapθε-τό-ς placed, adopted
( ῥήγ-νυ_-μι I break: ἔ-ρρωγ-α I have brokenἐ-ρράγ-η it was broken
f.δί-δω-μι I giveδί-δο-μεν we give

N. 1.—Relatively few words show examples of all the above series of grades. Some have five grades, as πα-τήρ, πα-τέρ-α, εὐ-πά-τωρ, εὐ-πά-τορ-α, πα-τ ρ-ός.

N. 2.—ε and ι vary in πετάννυ_μι πίτνημι spread out.

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