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442. In all other cases the reduplication is formed like the augment.

a. Verbs beginning with a short vowel lengthen the vowel, as ἄγω lead, ἦχα; ὀρθόω set upright, ὤρθωκα; ἀγγέλλω announce, ἤγγελκα.

b. Verbs beginning with two or more consonants (except a stop with a liquid), a double consonant, and ρ simply prefix ε. ρ is here doubled (cp. 429 a). Thus, κτίζω found, ἔ-κτικα; σπείρω sow, ἔ-σπαρμαι; στρατηγέω am general, ἐ-στρατήγηκα; ζητέω seek, ἐ-ζήτηκα; ψαύω touch, ἔ-ψαυκα; ῥί_πτω throw, ἔρρι_φα.

N.—μιμνῄσκω remind and κτάομαι acquire are exceptions: μέ-μνημαι, ἐ-μεμνήμην; κέ-κτημαι, ἐ-κε-κτήμην.

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