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542. The first aorist stem is formed by adding the tense suffix -σα to the verb-stem: ἔ-λυ_-σα I loosed, λύ_σω, λύ_σαιμι; ἔ-δειξα I showed, from δείκ-νυ_-μι. See 666.

a. In verbs showing strong and weak grades (476), the tense-suffix is added to the strong stem: πείθω ἔπεισα, τήκω ἔτηξα, πνέω ἔπνευσα, ἵστημι (στα-, στη-) ἔστησα, ἐστησάμην.

N.—τίθημι (θε-, θη-) place, δίδωμι (δο-, δω-) give, ἵ_ημι (ἑ-, ἡ-) send have aorists in -κα (ἔθηκα, ἔδωκα, ἧκα in the singular: with κ rarely in the plural). See 755.

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