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Patronymics, or denominative proper names denoting descent from a father or ancestor, are formed from proper names of persons by means of the following suffixes:

1. δα_ (nom. -δη-ς, masc.), δ (nom. -ς, fem.):

Βορεα?́-δη-ςson of Boreasfem. Βορεα?́-ς, -δοςfrom Βορέα_-ς

Stems in α_ shorten α_ to α; from such forms arose

2. αδα_ (nom. -άδη-ς, masc.), αδ (nom. -άς, fem.):

Θεστι-άδη-ςson of Thestiusfem. Θεστι-άς, -άδοςfrom Θέστιο-ς

From this type arose a new formation:

3. ιαδα_ (nom. -ιάδη-ς, masc.), ιαδ (nom. -ιάς, fem.):

Φερητ-ιάδη-ςson of Pheresfem. Φερητ-ιάς, -ιάδ-οςfrom Φέρης (-ητος
Περση-ϊάδη-ςson of Perseus(fem. Περση-ΐς, -ίδ-οςfrom Περσεύ-ς
Τελαμων-ιάδη-ςson of Telamonfrom Τελαμών (-ῶνος

4. ιδα_ (nom. -ίδη-ς, masc.), :ιδ (nom. -ίς, fem.):

Τανταλ-ίδη-ςson of Tantalusfem. Τανταλ-ίς, -ίδ-οςfrom Τάνταλο-ς
Κεκροπ-ίδη-ςson of Cecropsfem. Κεκροπ-ίς, -ίδ-οςfrom Κέκροψ (-οπος
Οἰνε-ίδη-ςson of Oeneusfem. Οἰνη-ΐς, -ίδ-οςfrom Οἰνεύ-ς
Λητο-ΐδη-ςson of Letofem. Λητω-ΐς, -ίδ-οςfrom Λητώ (279

Stems in ο drop ο; stems in ευ (ηυ) drop υ; stems in οι (ωι) drop ι.

5. ι_ον or ι^ων (poetic and rare; nom. -ί_ων, masc.):

Κρον-ί_ων son of Cronus (also Κρον-ίδη-ς), gen. Κρον-ί_ον-ος or Κρον-ι?́ων-ος according to the metre, from Κρόνο-ς.

6. ιωνα_ or ι_να_ (poetic and rare; nom. -ιώνη or ί_νη, fem.):

Ἀκρισ-ιώνη daughter of Ἀκρίσιο-ςἈδρηστ-ί_νη daughter of Ἄδρηστο-ς

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