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σθένει: cp. Tr. 497μέγα τι σθένος Κύπρις ἐκφέρεται νίκας ἀεί.

ἐπινικείῳ for “ἐπινικίῳ”: cp. Ant. 358ὑπαίθρεια” (Boeckh, for “αἴθρια”).

τὸν εὔαγρον τελειῶσαι λόχον (grant to the Athenians) to accomplish the successful surprise,— the way-laying of Creon's guards, by which the Athenians will secure their quarry (“ἄγρα”), viz. the maidens.

τὸν εὔαγρον, proleptic: cp.

τῆσδ᾽ οὕνεχ᾽ πολύφθορος
καθῃρέθη πατρῷος Οἰχαλία δόρει.

λόχον, “"ambuscade,"” seems here to have the more general sense, “"scheme of capture"” (cp. Od. 4.395φράζευ σὺ λόχον θείοιο γέροντος”, a way to take him): though there is nothing in the scanty references to the pursuit which necessarily excludes the idea of a literal ambush. Taking λόχον as=“"company,"” we could render, “"grant this to our folk,—that thou shouldst crown the successful band with victory"” (“τελειῶσαι”): cp. El. 1508 σπέρμ᾽ Ἀτρέως τῇ νῦν ὁρμῇ τελεωθέν”, “"crowned with peace by this day's effort"”: but the construction thus supposed is less simple, while the frequent poetical association of “λόχος” with capture points to the other sense.

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