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εὔιππον, εὔπωλον harmonizes with a strain of feeling which pervades the ode,—that the bounty of the gods to Attica is continued from day to day and from age to age. The supply of good “ἵπποι” is perpetually replenished by good “πῶλοι”: “"est in equis patrum Virtus."

εὔιππον further suggestsἱππεῖς”, since (as =“"well-horsed"”) it is often said of heroes ( Pind. Ol. 3.39εὐ. Τυνδαριδᾶν”). The Boeotian Orchomenus is “καλλίπωλος”, Pind. Ol. 14.2. For αὔχημα εὔιππον, a glory consisting in good horses, cp. 1062, Pind. Ol. 3.37ῥιμφαρμάτου διφρηλασίας”: P. 8. 37νίκαν...θρασύγυιον”: Isth. 1. 12καλλίνικον...κῦδος”.

εὐθάλασσον. The well of salt water shown in the Erechtheum (“ὕδωρ θαλάσσιον ἐν φρέατιPaus. I. 26. 5) was called “θάλασσα”. It was said to have been created by a blow from Poseidon's trident; the three holes which were shown are still visible (see Penrose's drawing and description in Smith's Dict. Geog. 1. 279 b). Her. 8.55Ἐρεχθέος...νηός, ἐν τῷ ἐλαίη τε καὶ θάλασσα ἔνι”. Apollod. 3. 14. 1 (Poseidon) “ἀνέφηνε θάλασσαν ἣν νῦν Ἐρεχηΐδα καλοῦσι.

εὔιππον, εὐθάλασσον are brought close together as expressing the two great attributes of Poseidon,

διχθά τοι, Ἐννοσίγαιε, θεοὶ τιμὴν ἐδάσαντο,
ἵππων τε δμητῆρ᾽ ἔμεναι σωτῆρά τε νηῶν


ἵππι᾽ ἄναξ Πόσειδον,
χαλκοκρότων ἵππων κτύπος
καὶ κυανέμβολοι θοαὶ
μισθοφόροι τριήρεις


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