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καὶ γὰρ οὖν, for indeed: cp. 771εὖ γὰρ οὖν”, O. C. 980οὐ γὰρ οὖν”, ib. 985ἀλλ᾽ ἓν γὰρ οὖν.

ἐπαιτιῶμαι κείνην, I accuse her, βουλεῦσαι ἴσον τοῦδε τάφου, of having had an equal share in plotting this burial. For the inf. after “ἐπαιτιᾶσθαι” cp. El. 603ὃν πολλὰ δή με σοὶ τρέφειν μιάστορα ἐπῃτιάσω”. Aristoph. Vesp. 1446Αἴσωπον οἱ Δελφοί ποτε...φιάλην ἐπῃτιῶντο κλέψαι”. Plat. Critias 120Cεἴ τίς τι παραβαίνειν αὐτῶν αἰτιῷτό τινα”. For the substantival ἴσον with gen., cp. Eur. Ion 818ὁμοῖος εἶναι τῆς τύχης τ᾽ ἴσον φέρειν”: id. Ph. 547δωμάτων ἔχων ἴσον”.—Another construction is possible: “ἴσον ἐπαιτιῶμαι κείνην τοῦδε τοῦ τάφου, βουλεῦσαι”: ‘I charge her equally with this burial,—i.e. with plotting it.’ The constr. with the gen. is frequent ( Aesch. PV 974ὴ̂ κἀμὲ γάρ τι ξυμφορᾶς ἐπαιτιᾷ”;): the objection here is that the epexegetic infin. “βουλεῦσαι”, requiring a case different from that governed by “ἐπαιτιῶμαι”, ought to come last: cp. Plat. Crito 52Bοὐδ᾽ ὲπιθυμία σε ἄλλης πόλεως οὐδ᾽ ἄλλων νόμων ἔλαβεν εἰδέναι”: Eur. Med. 1399χρῄζω στόματος παίδων τάλας προσπτύξασθαι”. In O. T. 644εἴ σέ τι δέδρακ᾽, ὀλοίμην, ὧν ἐπαιτιᾷ με δρᾶν, ὧν” might represent either (a) “τούτων ὧν, δρᾶν” being epexegetic, or (b) “τούτων ” (acc. governed by “δρᾶν”); the latter is simplest.

βουλεῦσαι, of plotting mischief, as Tr. 807τοιαῦτα...πατρὶ βουλεύσασ᾽ ἐμῷ”: Ai. 1055στρατῷ...βουλεύσας φόνον”.

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