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ἔπειτα μέντοι, answering to “μάλιστα μέν” (350): cp. O. T. 647 f. “μάλιστα μέν...ἔπειτα” (without “δέ”): ib. 777 “θαυμάσαι μὲν ἀξία”, | “σπουδῆς γε μέντοι κ.τ.λ.” In Eur. Med. 1145 ff. “πρὶν μὲν... ἔπειτα μέντοι” is not strictly similar, since “ἔπειτα” is there temporal.

χὡ λόγος καλὸς προσῆν, ‘there was a further charm’ (“καλός” predicate) ‘in the reason suggested,—if indeed I was to take,’ etc.: λόγος is the reason for going, suggested by the envoys, (as distinguished from the natural “ἵμερος” in the son's mind,) and is explained by “εἰ...αἱρήσοιμ̓”. Not, ‘the fame, too, was attractive.’ For προσῆν cp. H. 3. 1. 28 “μισθὸς μὲν ἡμῖν...εἴργασται..., ἢν δέ τι προσεργασώμεθα, καὶ ταῦτα προσέσται”. For a different use, cp. 129 n.

εἰαἱρήσοιμ̓, oratio obliqua: he said to himself, “εἰ αἱρήσω”. For the fut. opt., cp. Xen. Cyr. 3. 1. 3εἴ τινα φεύγοντα λήψοιτο, προηγόρευεν ὅτι ὡς πολεμίῳ χρήσοιτο” (he said, “εἰ λήψομαι ...χρήσομαι”). For “εἰ” with optat., where one's own former thought is indicated in dependence on a past tense, cp. Lys. or. 3 § 3αἰσχυνόμενος, εἰ μέλλοιεν πολλοί μοι συνείσεσθαι, ἠνεσχόμην” (his thought had been, “αἰσχύνομαι, εἰ μέλλουσι”).

τἀπὶ Τροίᾳ πέργαμ̓ (cp. 611), the citadel which crowns the city of Troy, the “Πέργαμος ἄκρη” of Homer ( Il. 5. 460, Il. 6. 512),—who uses only the sing. Hence Ilios is called “αἰπεινή, ὀφρυόεσσα” ( Il. 22. 411): cp. Introd. to Homer, p. 148. For the prep. ἐπί, cp. Pind. O. 8. 32(Apollo and Poseidon) “Ἰλίῳ μέλλοντες ἐπὶ στέφανον τεῦξαι” (sc.πύργων”).

ἰών, oft. added to a verb denoting enterprise: cp. Ant. 768 n.

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