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Ἔρωτι μέν νυν, like O. T.31θεοῖσι μέν νυν”: so in Ionic prose, as Her.4. 145οὗτος μέν νυν ταῦτα ἔπρησσε.— ἀντανίσταται”: like the athlete who rises, when called by the herald, and presents himself for the contest: Her.8. 59ἐν τοῖσι ἀγῶσι οἱ προεξανιστάμενοι” (i.e., before they are thus summoned) “ῥαπίζονται”. So Plut. Sull.7(with ref. to a contest for the consulship) “ἀντανίστατο δ᾽ αὐτῷ Μάριος.—ἐς χεῖρας”, with “ἀντανίσταται”: a terse way of saying, ‘so as to come to close quarters’: Soph. O. C.835τάχ᾽ εἰς βάσανον εἶ χερῶν” (n.); ib. 975 “ἐς χεῖρας ἦλθον”. Plut. Thes.5ἀγχέμαχοι καὶ μάλιστα δὴ πάντων εἰς χεῖρας ὠθεῖσθαι” (to push forward to close quarters) “τοῖς ἐναντίοις μεμαθηκότες”.

πύκτης ὅπως. No one can parry the adroit and rapid blows of Erôs. His antagonist fares like the barbarian opposed to the skilled pugilist (Dem. or. 4 § 40),—“ πληγεὶς ἀεὶ τῆς πληγῆς ἔχεται, κἂν ἑτέρωσε πατάξῃς, ἐκεῖσέ εἰσιν αἱ χεῖρες: προβάλλεσθαι δ᾽ η_ βλέπειν ἐναντίον οὔτ οἶδεν οὔτ᾽ ἐθέλει”. Schneidewin cp. Anacreon fr. 63. 3 “στεφάνους ἔνεικον, ὡς δὴ” | “πρὸς Ἔρωτα πυκταλίζω”: but the resemblance is only verbal; the reveller does not wish to resist Love, but to make trial of his might.

οὐ καλῶς φρονεῖ: cp. Eur. fr. 271 “Ἔρωτα δ᾽ ὅστις μὴ θεὸν κρίνει μέγαν” | “καὶ τῶν ἁπάντων δαιμόνων ὑπέρτατον”, | “ σκαιός ἐστιν, καλῶν ἄπειρος ὢν” | “οὐκ οἶδε τὸν μέγιστον ἀνθρώποις θεόν”.

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