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ἔπεμπον ἐς Δελφούς. The traditional constitution of Cyrene had broken down, owing to (1) the increase of population (159. 4); (2) the disaster at Leucon (cf. Arist. Pol. v. 3. 7, 1303 a for the effect of success or failure abroad on constitutional development at home); (3) the dissensions in the royal house.

It was necessary both to admit new citizens to full privileges and to weaken the royal power. For Delphi interfering to end civil strife cf. Curtius, ii. 87. Polybius (vi. 43) mentions the constitu tions of Mantinea, Crete, Lacedaemon, and Carthage as famed for their excellence. Shortly before this time a similar appeal for καταστάτω to Mantinea, from Scillus in Elis, is recorded in an inscription (I. G. A. Add. 119, l. 13; sed incerta lectio).

καταστήσαμενοι: cf. v. 92. β 1 κατάστασις, ‘in what way they should organize themselves.’

For the work of Demonax cf. Müller, Dor. ii. 62-3. He is probably not referred to in the famous passage in the Politics vi. 4. 18-19, 1319 b 19 seq. (see Newman ad loc.) as to constitutional changes intended to increase the power of democracy, where ‘those who set up the democracy at Cyrene’ (probably in 401 B. C.) are coupled with Cleisthenes of Athens. Aristotle says φυλαὶ ἕτεραι ποιητέαι πλείους καὶ φρατρίαι, καὶ τὰ τῶν ἰδίων ἱερῶν συνακτέον εἰς ὀλίγα καὶ κοινά, καὶ πάντα σοφιστέον ὅπως ἂν ὅτι μάλιστα ἀναμιχθῶσι πάντες ἀλλήλοις, αἱ δὲ συνήθειαι διαζευχθῶσιν αἱ πρότερον.

The changes of Demonax were: (1) original settlers retain their priority and the right to hold serfs (περίοικοι); (2) new-comers are admitted to full citizenship; (3) monarchy becomes formal.

Others (e. g. Busolt, i. 490 n. 2) think the περίοικοι are Libyans admitted to full citizenship.

ἱερωσύνας. So Maeandrius asked to be allowed to retire with a priesthood (iii. 142); cf. for priesthood as the last survival of royalty Arist. Pol. iii. 14. 13, 1285 b, and (to some extent) Sparta (vi. 56. 1).

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