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συντάμνων (sc. τὴν ὁδόν) (cf. v. 41. 2), ‘taking the shortest way’; cf. τὰ σύντομα τῆς ὁδοῦ, i. 185. 7.

Καναστραῖον ἄκρην: Cape Paliuri, the promontory in which Pallene ends; Scylax, 67; cf. Thuc. iv. 110; Liv. xxxi. 45.

τό: referring loosely to ἄκρην; cf. iv. 23. 3; v. 92 a.

Ποτιδείης ... Θεράμβω. On the east side of Pallene, on the Gulf of Torone; only Potidaea on the Isthmus also had a harbour on the Thermaic gulf, and was of importance (Thuc. i. 56 f.). Aphytis is Phormio's base against Potidaea (Thuc. i. 64).

Θεράμβω. On Attic tribute lists Θράμβαιοι is often coupled with Scione (cf. C. I. A. i. 227, 229, 237).

Σκιώνης ... Σάνης: cf. Strabo 330, fr. 27; on the west side of the peninsula. Scione, a colony from Pellene in Achaia (Thuc. iv. 120), and Mende, an Eretrian colony just east of Cape Posideum (Thuc. iv. 123, 129), both suffered greatly in the Peloponnesian war (Thuc. iv. 130 f.; v. 32). On Sane cf. ch. 22. 3.

καλεομένην: i.e. in epic it was taken as the site of the battle between the gods and the giants, Φλέγρα being connected with φλέγειν, as were the Campi Phlegraei in Campania (Polyb. iii. 91. 7), and for the same reason, the volcanic character of the country.

Αἴνεια is the only town of any importance (Liv. xliv. 10. 32).

Κροσσαίη: elsewhere Κροῦσις (Thuc. ii. 79; Strabo 330, fr. 21; Steph. Byz.).

Μυγδονίην: east of the Lower Axius as far as Lake Bolbe (Thuc. i. 58; ii. 99).

Σίνδον: prob. at the mouth of the Echeidorus.

Χαλέστρην: elsewhere Χαλάστρα, at the mouth of the Axius (Strabo 330, fr. 21).

Βοττιαιίς, or Βοττία, a land called after its earlier inhabitants, driven by the Macedonians into Chalcidice (viii. 127. 1; Thuc. ii. 99); it lay between the lower courses of the Axius and the Haliacmon (ch. 127. 1). The small wedge-shaped plain coming down to the sea was divided between Ichnae and Pella. The latter, under Philip capital of Macedon, lay 120 stades from the sea (Strabo 330, fr. 22).

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