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The success of the Egyptians may have been due to their heavyarmed marines (cf. App. XX, § 7). Diodorus (xi. 13) substitutes the Sidonians, whose naval skill is elsewhere (vii. 44, 100) affirmed. Plutarch (de Malign. Her. 34; cf. Them. 8) would claim Artemisium as a victory, quoting Pindar, fr. 196 ὅθι παῖδες Ἀθαναίων ἐβάλοντο φαεννὰν κρηπῖδ᾽ ἐλευθερίας, and an epitaph on a stele set up near the shrine of Artemis Proseoa (cf. vii. 176. 1 n.) at Artemisium which ran παντοδαπῶν ἀνδρῶν γενεὰς Ἀσίης ἀπὸ χώρας παῖδες Ἀθηναίων τῷδε ποτ᾽ ἐν πελάγει ναυμαχίῃ δαμάσαντες ἐπεὶ στρατὸς ὤλετο Μήδων σήματα ταῦτ᾽ ἔθεσαν παρθένῳ Ἀρτεμίδι. H. is clearly right in saying that the battle was indecisive, that is in effect a defeat for the Greeks, but Plutarch's quotations confirm H.'s statement that the Athenians distinguished themselves.

Κλεινίης married Deinomache, a daughter of the Alcmaeonid Megacles, and was father of the famous Alcibiades. He fell at the battle of Coronea, 447 B. C. (Plut. Alc. 1).

οἰκηίῃ: cf. v. 47. 1 and Plut. Alc. 1ἰδιοστόλῳ τριήρει”. As a rule the state supplied the ship, with (Arist. Eq. 911 f.) or without (Thuc. vi. 31) the necessary outfit, and also pay and rations for the crew. The trierarch had only to keep the ship in good condition and the crew efficient. Many voluntarily did more than this (Thuc. vi. 31), but to undertake the whole expense was a proof of great wealth and liberality.

διηκοσίοισι: i. e. the whole crew; cf. vii. 184. 1.

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