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Ῥοδίοιν—almost all MSS. give the -οιν form for fem. here. Yet in c. 104, 1 all have the -αιν form twice. The form δύο is joined with plural far more often than with dual in Thuc.; it is used several times as gen. or dat., always with plur. (Hasse, Dual in Thuc. and Xen. p. 17). Though δύο, δυοῖν is generally added to a dual (see Rutherford, New Phryn. p. 290), it is omitted when a pair is referred to (Meisterhaus, p. 163).

πεντηκοντόροιν—on these things see Gardner and Jevons, p. 652.

αἱ μὲν ἑξ—article with numerals designates them as parts of a total.

ταχεῖαι—see c. 31, 3.

Χίων—only Chios and Methymna among the ξύμμαχοι ὑπήκοοι were αὐτόνομοι and still furnished contingents to the fleet. Probably Corcyra also sent some ships. She was άπὸ ξυμμαχίας αὐτόνομος.

ὁπλίταις δὲ κτλ—the numbers are as follows: (1) Hoplites, 1500 Athenian, 500 Argives, 250 Mautinean and (other) mercenaries, 700 marines, and (therefore) 2150 subject allies, total 5100, (2) Archers, 480. (3) Slingers, 700. (4) Miscellaneo)us, 150.

ἐκ καταλόγου—see on c. 26, 2.

ἑπτακόσιοι—of these, 600 would be required for the 60 A. fast triremes. Hence, among the 24 triremes supplied by the allies, 10—requiring the remaining 100 marines—must have been fast.

θῆτες—their names never appeared in the κατάλογος. The marines were usually θῆτες.

Ἀργείων—the alliance between Athens and Argos had been renewed in June 417. καὶ <ἄλλων> μισθοφόροι Stein.

Μαντινέων—in VII. 57 Thuc. speaks of Μαντινῆς καὶ ἄλλοι Ἀρκάδων μισθοφόροι among the forces. The Arcadians are heard of as mercenaries in the Persian wars. Herod. VIII. 26.

Μεγαρεῦσι—expelled in the party struggle of 424 B.C., when Brasidas saved Megara from falling into the hands of Athens.

ἱππέας—they are not again heard of.

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