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τότ᾽, ‘as above stated,’ viz. c. 24, § 6.

διὰ τὴν προδοσίαν i.e. the threatened treachery (ibid.)

τὰς Πελοποννησίων δέκα sc. the four under himself from Erythrae (c. 24, § 6), and the six which had come from Cenchreae to Chios (c. 23, § 5). (Arnold.)

ἀνοικίζεσθαι. So i. 7, ἀνῳκισμένοι εἰσί (‘have their towns inland’). Cf. i. 58. In c. 23, § 6, the opposite faction have retired to Daphnus: the state of things is to be reversed.

προσχωρεῖν The subject is τοὺς Κλαζομενίους to be understood from αὐτῶν. Cf c. 23 (fin.) The order is given to the Clazomenians generally (1) that those among them who favour the Athenians shall be removed inland to Daphnus, (2) that Clazomenae shall come over to the Peloponnesians.

Ταμὼς mentioned by Xenophon, An. i. 2, 21 (P-S).

προσβολὴν. This of Cobet is a necessity. ἐσβολὴν of MSS. ‘neither means attack nor takes the dative.’ The words οὔσῃ ἀτειχίστῳ might indeed make ‘an inroad,’ ‘a dash into,’ a possible thing to do. But this use (of a city) requires parallels, and οὐ δυνάμενος ἑλεῖν makes it still more unlikely. Cf. c. 35, § 3, προσβαλόντες τῇ πόλει ἀτειχίστῳ οὔσῃ ὀλίγου εἶλον. The second objection is still stronger, ἐσβάλλειν ἐς being the regular form of expression, and the dative not found. In iv. 25 all MSS. give πρὸς τὴν πόλιν ἐσέβαλλον for προσέβαλλον, and in ii. 79 the variants προσέβαλλον, ἐσέβαλλον show, what indeed scarcely requires showing, the proneness of MSS. to confusion in regard to these prepositions.

οἴσῃ ἀτειχίστῳ See inf. c. 35, § 3 (note).

ὑπεξέκειτο = ὑπεξετέθειτο, ‘had been stored away there for safe keeping.’ Cf. ἀποτίθεσθαι, ἀποκεῖσθαι. ὑρο- implies something of secrecy. Cf. i. 137, καὶ ἐξ Ἄργους (sc. χρήματα) ὑπεξέκειτο; iv. 123, ὑπεκκομίζει. The word is passive of ὑπεκτίθεμαι (middle); cf. i. 89, διεκομίζοντο ὅθεν ὑπεξέθεντο παῖδας.

ἐσβαλόμενοι Cf. ἐξείλοντο, c. 28, § 1.

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