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οὐκέτι—i.e. the gave up the idea. ἐσήνεγκαν—so viii. 67, 1, with γνώμην: Hdt. iii. 81 etc. ἔπεμπον—lit. ‘went on to send’, that is they gave up their intention. διατριβή— cf. ch. 82, 20.

Μηκύβερναν—see ch. 18, 34, where the Athenians stipulate for its independence. It was 20 stadia from Olynthus, on the gulf of Torone. Strabo calls it the arsenal (ἐπίνειον) of Olynthus. Ἀθηναίων φρουρούντωνi. 89, 2, Σηστὸν ἐπολιόρκουν Μη:δων ἐχὁντων, where Krüger collects instances of this frequent use of the genitive absolute.

κομίσασθαι—‘recover’; ch. 15, 4 etc. ἦλθον...πρεσβευὁμενοι—so i. 31, 3. It is a regular phrase=πρἐσβεις ἔπεμψαν. εἰρημένον—‘this provision is not found either in the treaty or the alliance, but it may be understood, as Bishop Thirlwall remarks, in the last clause of the latter (ch. 23), or in the provision that neither party should conclude a war without the consent of the other (ib. l. 9 and 16). Or it may have formed part of a separate agreement, which Thucydides has not given’ (Jowett). For the accusative absolute see note on iv. 17, 2; and Goodwin § 851.

παραλαβεῖν—i.e. in order to transfer to Athens, the regular use of this word; the converse of which is παραδιδόναι. ἀπολαμβάνειν and ἀποδιδόναι are generally used of restoration without a third party intervening, but this is not an invariable rule, see ch. 30, 17: ch. 42, 7.

ξυγχέαι—only here in Thucydides; σπονδῶν ξύγχυσις, ch. 26, 33: i. 146, fin.: Dem. Timocr. 729 (91), ὅλην ξυγχεῖ τὴν πολιτείαν: Verg. Aen. v. 496, confundere foedus. προυθυμουμένων—with accusative; cf. ch. 17, 7. τὰ ἐς Βοιωτούς—‘the arrangements with Boeotia’; ch. 46, 6, τὰ πρὸς Ἀργείους.

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