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a training school for gladiators in Region III (Not. Cur.; CIL vi. 352, 9470 (?), 10172, 10173, xiv. 2922; IG xiv. 1330), probably near the Colosseum on the via Labicana. This ludus may possibly have been called matutinus because it was established for the training of hunters to fight in the venationes that took place in the morning (Ov. Met. xi. 26; Mart. viii. 67; xiii. 95; Sen. Ep. xii. 7. 3; Suet. Claud. 34), but this is by no means certain (cf. Pr. Reg. 121; Friedlander, Sittengeschichte 1110. 65; HJ 299). It was probably one of the four ludi established by Domitian (Chron. 146).

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