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the name 1 found on a fragment of the Marble Plan (44) which seems to belong to a large complex of buildings covering an area of about 110 by 90 metres. Its location is not certainly known, though some authors (LR 167-170; BC 1910, 1-41; ZA 219-220) place it at the east angle of the Palatine, in the large area known as Vigna Barberini (see DOMUS AUGUSTIANA). On the other hand, on grounds of material, it appears that the fragment will not fit in at this part of the plan (DAP 2. xi. 113-118); and, if this is so, its site must be considered quite uncertain (HJ 87; Mitt. 1890, 77; 1896, 206).

1 It is maintained in Αγγελος, ii. 44-50, that they are garden courts and not connected with the cult of Adonis.

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