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(βωμός, Dionys.):

a shrine within the cella of Minerva in the temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus (Plin. NH xxxv. 108; Dionys. iii. 69). According to tradition Iuventas, as well as Terminus, had refused to allow her cult, already established there, to be removed from its site when the temple of Jupiter was built, and therefore it was preserved within that structure (Liv. v. 54. 7; Flor. i. I. 7; Dionys. loc. cit.; Aug. de civ. dei iv. 23). The introduction of Iuventas into this legend that of the founder. is, however, of later date than that of Terminus. In early times the offering made by Roman youths on assuming the toga virilis (Plin. NH xxix. 57) was probably made in this shrine, a custom afterwards transferred to the temple of IUVENTAS (q.v.) in the circus Maximus (Jord. i. 2. 91; Rosch. ii. 764; iii. 2156; WR 135 ; Gilb. ii. 422 ; RE iii. 1532; X. 1360-1).

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