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(Titin(i)us,1 Mull., Linds.):

a shrine of this ancient Italic deity of fertility on the Velia, probably not far from the Regia, which was destroyed during the principate of Augustus to make room for the house of Cn. Domitius Calvinus (Fest. 154, 155; Jord. i. 2. 419; Gilb. i. 156). The site of the shrine seems to be indicated on a sarcophagus now in the Naples museum (Hilsen, Satura Pompeiana Romana 5-9, in Symbolae litterariae in honorem Iulii de Petra, 1911, and literature there cited ; see also WR 243 ; Rosch. ii. 204-207).

1 Miller also has Titini. The form Tutunus is, however, as Gilbert points out, constantly used by Christian writers (e.g. Aug. de Civ. Dei, iv. i).

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