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the name given in the Scholiast on Juvenal (3. 11) and in the Mirabilia (10) to the arch of the AQUA MARCIA (q.v.), which crossed the via Appia at the PORTA CAPENA (q.v.). It also occurs as arcus Stellae in an interpolation in the life of Stephen I (LP xcvii.) and in a spurious bull of Paschal II, in which, however, the local names have been taken from an authentic document of Calixtus II (Kehr, Italia Pontificia ii. 43, No. 7). Here must have stood the ecclesia S. Laurentii de... quae est iuxta arcum stillantem cum omnibus pertinentiis suis, et omnes curtes quas habetis in regione schole Grece (Studi e Doc. Storia a Diritto, 1886, 108; BC 1886, 352; Armellini 597; HCh 287; HJ 202). The possibility of extending the regio schole Grece (S. Maria in Cosmedin) as far as the porta Capena has recently been denied, and the arcus Stillans consequently identified with the FORNIX AUGUSTI (RAP iii. 143-190) ; but the evidence is insufficient (HCh 593).

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