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a temple mentioned in three inscriptions (CIL vi. 490, 2232, 2233; DE i. 175), of the Cappadocian goddess Ma-Bellona, whose worship seems to have displaced that of the Latin Bellona during the empire. This temple was probably not built before the third century, and its site is unknown. It had no connection with the pulvinar of the circus Flaminius (HJ 554; WR 349-350; RE iii. 256; PBS ix. 205-213, where CIL xiii. 7281, which refers to the restoration by the hastiferi (a priestly college of Bellona) Civitatis Mattiacorum of a Mons Vaticanus, is coupled with the existence of tombstones of her priests-the two last inscriptions cited-on the via Triumphalis, to support the conjecture that this temple was situated somewhere on the montes Vaticani).

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