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1 * the name given to Region II in Reg., and in one inscription (CIL xv. 7190). It included the greater part of the Caelian hill and extended east to the Aurelian wall. This word, Caelimontium, is evidently analogous in formation to Septimontium, and may have been used as the name of the region because it included the hill, or the region may have been so called because Caelimontium was one of its principal streets (cf. Alta Semita). Some evidence for the latter hypothesis is found in the adjective Caelimontienses (CIL vi. 31893, 31899), although it has been suggested (BC 1891, 353-354) that this may mean those who dwelt in a street or quarter that was called Caelimontium, a restricted use of the latter term which has parallels.

1 The form Celimontium is given in the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae; but the inscriptions have here been followed. Caelemontium was also used; compare CAMPUS CAELEMONTANUS.

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