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the name given in historical times to a shrine of the Capitoline triad, Juppiter, Juno, and Minerva, on the Quirinal, which was older than that on the Capitoline (Varro, LL v. 158). It stood on the northern edge of the hill, just north-west of the present Ministero della Guerra (Mart. v. 22; vii. 73; Not. Reg. VII), where dedicatory inscriptions belonging to it have been found (CIL i 2. 726-9=vi. 30925-9;1 cf. p. 3034; HJ 395, 411; RhM 1894, 408; BC 1889, 390; RE iii. 1540; Rosch. ii. 653).

1 vi. 30928 (with 30921, 30923) = i 2. 732 may belong either to this locality or to the Capitol proper.

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