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barracks constructed by Aurelian in campo Agrippae (Chron. 148; Not. Reg. VII), and spoken of in connection with his temple of Sol. Although urbana is not found in either source, it is probable that these castra were those of the cohortes urbanae, previously quartered in the castra Praetoria (Sym. Ep. ix. 57; Dig. xlviii. 5, 16 (15) 3; CIL vi. 1156). They were probably close to the FORUM SUARIUM (q.v.), somewhat north of the campus Agrippae, and just east of the temple of Sol. Cf. NS 1909, 430; BC 1915, 176, 346 (a dedication by the tenth cohors urbana Antoniniana to Caracalla ?); CIL vi. 31248 a.

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