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a hall in the PORTICUS POMPEI (q.v.), probably one of its exedrae (Plut. Brut. 14; Plin. NH xxxv. 59), where the senate sometimes met (Gell. xiv. 7. 7 ; Asc. in Mil. 67; Cass. Dio xliv. 16), and where Caesar was murdered (Cic. de div. ii. 23; Nic. Damasc. Caes. 23; Liv. Ep. 116; Suet. Caes. 80, 81 (c. Pompeiana); Plut. Caes. 66; App. BC ii. 111, 116; Eutrop. vi. 25). The statue of Pompeius that stood in the exedra was removed by Augustus, who walled up the curia as a locus sceleratus (Suet. Caes. 88; Aug. 31; Cass. Dio xlvii. 19; for a theory that this curia projected from the south-east corner of the porticus and is represented on frg. 140 of the Marble Plan, see Mel. 1908, 225-228; and for arguments against this, BC 1918, 144-151).

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