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a locality, perhaps a street, in Region VI, mentioned only in the Regionary Catalogue. The name is also said to have occurred on an inscription that was to be seen in the sixteenth century (Albertini, Mirabilia Urbis Romae, f. D iii. ed. 1510; f. 8, ed. 1523).1 It is marked on Bufalini's plan of the city, and was probably on the Viminal, near the churches of S. Lorenzo in Panisperna and S. Agata dei Goti (IIJ 374; Mitt. 1892, 307; RhM 1894, 47 ; BC 1914, 367; Eranos, 1924, 88-90).

1 The 1515 edition follows the paging of that of 1510. In all three the phrase used is' ut in tiburtinis lapidibus noviter effossis apparet.' Marliani gives the same information (Topographia, ed. 1534, lib. v. c. 18, p. 116); but he improved on it in his second edition, and wrote 'decem tabernae fuere in valle D. Agathae aedi subiectae, ut ex inscriptione marmoris ibidem effossi didicimus' (id. ed. 1544, lib. iv. c. 20, p. 86). Whether this is a mistake or a correction is uncertain (Hulsen, etc., S. Agata dei Goti (Rome, 1923), 10).

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