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a temple of Fortuna built by Nero within the precincts of the domus Aurea (Plin. NH xxxvi. 163: Nerone principe in Cappadocia repertus est lapis duritia marmoris . . . hoc construxerat aedem Fortunae quam Seiani appellant a Servio rege sacratam, amplexus area domo). Cassius Dio (lviii. 7) states that Sejanus had in his own house the statue of Fortuna set up by Servius Tullius, probably in the temple of FORTUNA in the FORUM BOARIUM (q.v.), that was covered with two togas (Plin. NH viii. 197: Servi Tullii praetextae quibus signum Fortunae ab eo dicatae coopertum erat, duravere ad Seiani exitum), and Nero may have erected this temple to house this statue, but this is mere conjecture (Wissowa, Ges. Abh. 260; HJ xxii.; Rosch. i. 1510-1511 and literature cited ; BC 1914, 366).

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