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(MARIANA, Vitr. Val. Max.),(templum, Schol. Bob., Cic. pro Sest., Eumenius):

a temple built by C. Marius from the spoil taken from the Cimbri and Teutones (CIL i². p. 195, n. xvii ; Fest. 344; but cf. JRS 1916, 183). The architect was C. Mucius, whose work on this temple is praised by Vitruvius (vii. praef. 17), who also uses this temple to illustrate the proper kind of ambulatio around the cella (iii. 2. 5). According to Festus (344: summissiorem aliis aedem Honoris et Virtutis C. Marius fecit ne si forte officeret auspiciis publicis augures eam demoliri Cogerent) it was on the slope of one of the hills, generally assumed to be the Capitoline. In this temple the senate met to vote on the recall of Cicero from exile (Cic. pro Sest. 116 ; pro Plane. 78 ; de div. i. 59; Val. Max. i. 7. 5 ;1 Schol. Bob. in Cic. pp. 269, 305 Or.; Eumenius, pro rest. schol. 7). In these passages the temple is called monumentum Marii, which has led some to identify it with the monumenta Mariana of Valerius Maximus (ii. 5. 6; iv. 4. 8) (Jord. i. 2. 44-45; WR 150; RE viii. 2293; Rosch. i. 2708; see TROPAEA MARII).

1 The text has 'in aede Iovis Mariana,' but this is an error, according to Jordan, who would correct ' Iovis ' to ' Honoris,' or omit the word altogether.

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