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gardens belonging to the Emperor Gallienus (Hist. Aug. Gall. 17). There is no indication of their location unless they bore some relation to the colossus erected by Gallienus (ib. 18) in summo Esquiliarum monte, or to the PALATIUM LICINIANUM (q.v.), near S. Balbina, or to the arcus Gallieni at the porta Esquilina (BC 1874, 55; LR 402-406; HJ 358-9). The nymphaeum on the Esquiline, wrongly called the temple of Minerva Medica, is by some supposed to have belonged to these horti; see NYMPHAEUM. It is conceivable that they were previously called HORTI VOLUSIANI (q.v.), and acquired their name from Ferox Licinianus (AJP 1927, 28).

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