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an altar on the Aventine, said to have been built by Numa for the purpose of drawing (elicere) information from Jupiter concerning the proper atonement to be made for prodigia of thunder and lightning (Liv. i. 20. 7; 31. 8; Varro, LL vi. 94; Plut. Numa 15; Arnob. v. I; Ov. Fast. iii. 327-330; Plin. NH ii. 140). Probably, however, this epithet indicates the god who brings rain from the sky after a drought, a cult connected with the aquaelicium and lapis manalis. If so, the altar may very probably have stood near the REMORIA (q.v.), and the present S. Balbina (Gilb. ii. 153-158; Rosch. ii. 656-658; WR 120, 121; Merlin, 110, 227; RE x. 1130-1131); see MANALIS LAPIS (2).

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