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[322] ἐξεύροι is unusual, the aor. “ἐπῆλθε” in a simile not being a historic tense. There are however a few similar cases of the opt. thus expressing a hope after a present; “ἔτι τὸν δύστηνον ὀΐομαι, εἴ ποθεν ἐλθὼν . . θείη,Od. 20.224 (so Od. 2.351; Od. 14.496 is rather different as “εἰ . . ἐποτρύνειε” follows an opt. of wish. The nearest case in Il. is 11.792τίς οἶδ᾽ εἴ κέν οἱ . . θυμὸν ὀρίναις”;). It is possible that the constr. may have been affected by the use of “