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[351] ἐννεώροιο, nine years old. We should probably read “ἐννώροιο”: “ἐνν”- = “ἐνϝ”- from *“ἔνϝα”, for which form see Brugmann Gr. ii. § 173, G. Meyer Gr. § 405, and compare “ἐνν-ῆμαρ”: so also read “ἐννόργυιοιOd. 11.312. The -“ε”- is due only to the influence of the more familiar “ἐννέα. -ωρος” from “ὥρα, ὧρος” (see Lex.), the same word as our year. Apparently oil improved by keeping, and we are to understand that nine-year oil is the very best. The word recurs also in Od. 10.19δῶκε δέ μ᾽ ἐκδείρας ἀσκὸν βοὸς