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[592] About the birth of the Daidaloslegend we know nothing. It comes to us almost entirely through Athenian sources; even in Od. 11.321-25 Ariadne is found in connexion with Theseus; but we hear of her also at Delos and Naxos in a way which seems to shew that she was a local goddess in the islands, presumably a nature-goddess. In Cyprus she was connected with Aphrodite. But nothing of all this appears here. The name Ἀριάδνη seems to be Cretan for “Ἀριάγνη” (“ἀδνόν: ἁγνόν, Κρῆτες” Hesych.). She was also known there as “Ἀριδήλα”, which Wilamowitz has ingeniously restored in place of the “Ἀριήδνηι” attributed to Zen. by Bekker's conjectural emendation of the “ἀριηδηι” of A, “ἁρπήδηι” of T.