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[88] Cf. Od. 16.439. “βλέπειν” is commonly used in Attic in the sense of living; e.g. Eur. Alc. 143καὶ πῶς ἂν αὑτὸς κατθάνοι τε καὶ βλέποι;” This line and the next contain three sins against old Epic prosody, the contracted “ἐμεῦ” and “ζῶντος”, and “κοίληις” for “κοίληισι”. Van Leeuwen and others have removed them, but only by rewriting the couplet after the model of the line in “π”, which has the older forms (“οὔτις σοὶ παρὰ νηυσὶ βαρ. χ. ἐποίσει, ζώοντός γ᾽