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διάδοχ-ος , ον,
A.succeeding a person in a thing:
1. c. dat. pers. et gen. rei, δ. Μεγαβάζῳ τῆς στρατηγίης his successor in the command, Hdt.5.26, cf. 1.162, etc.; θνητοῖς . . διάδοχοι μοχθημάτων succeeding them in, i.e. relieving them from, toils, A.Pr.464, cf. 1027; “σοι τῶνδε διάδοχος δόμωνE.Alc.655.
2. c. gen. rei only, δ. τῆς Ἀστυόχου ναυαρχίας succeeding to his command, Th.8.85; “δ. τῆς κληρονομίαςIsoc.19.43; “τῆς φιλοσοφίαςEpicur.Fr.217.
3. c. gen. pers. only, φέγγος ὕπνου δ. sleep's successor light, S.Ph. 867.
4. c. dat. pers. only, “δ. ΚλεάνδρῳX.An.7.2.5: c. dat. rei, “ἔργοισι δ᾽ ἔργα διάδοχαE.Andr.743; κακὸν κακῷ δ. ib.803; quasiact., λύπη . . δ. κακῶν κακοῖς bringing a succession of evils after evils, Hec.588; ἀγὼν . . γόων γόοις γόων bis codd.) “δ.Supp.72 (lyr.).
5. abs., διάδοχοι ἐφοίτων they went to work in relays or gangs, Hdt.7.22, cf. Th.1.110: neut. pl. as Adv., in turn, E.Andr.1200(lyr.).
6. as Subst., οἱ Δ. the Successors of Alexander, D.S.18.42.
b. the lowest grade of court officials at Alexandria, OGI100.4, PAmh.2.36.5, PRyl.67.2 (both ii B. C.).
c. substitute, deputy, BGU852.4 (ii A. D.), POxy.54.7 (iii A. D.).
d. head of a school of philosophers,τῆς σχολῆςPhld.Ind.Sto.53; “δ. ΣτωικόςIG3.661, cf. 22.1009 (Epist. Plotinae).
e. a kind of gem, Plin.HN37.157.
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