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μοῖρα , ας (Ion. μοῖρα, acc. μοῖραν, gen. ης), (μείρομαι)
3. division of a people, Hdt.1.146; of an army, Hdn.6.6.3; in codd. of X., freq.f.l. for μόρα.
5. degree, in the astron. and geog. sense, Hipparch.1.7.11, Gem.1.6, Cleom.2.5, etc.: division of the zodiac, Arat.716, cf. 560 (pl.), Procl.Hyp.3.52.
II. lot, portion or share which falls to one, esp. in the distribution of booty, “ἴση μ.Il.9.318; “μ. καὶ γέρας ἐσθλὸν ἔχωνOd.11.534; of a meal, “μοίρας ἔνεμον8.470, cf. 14.448, etc.; “μ. ἔχειν γαίηςHes.Th.413; “σπλάγχνων μ.Ar.Pax1105 (hex.); τὴν τοῦ πατρὸς μοῖραν λαγχάνειν one's inheritance, patrimony, Lexap.D.43.51, cf. AP11.382.22 (Agath.).
2. like μόρος, man's appointed doom, i.e. death, Il.6.488, Od.11.560; in full, “θάνατος καὶ μ.Il.17.672, etc.; “μ. ὀλοή . . θανάτοιοOd.2.100; “θανάτου μ.A.Pers.917, Ag.1462 (both anap.); πρὸ μοίρας before the appointed time, S.Fr.686, Isoc.11.8; “ἐξέπλησε μ. τὴν ἑωυτοῦHdt.4.164,3.142, cf. 1.91; τῇ σεωυτοῦ μ. περίεις ib.121; also, the cause of death, Od. 21.24.
IV. that which is meet and right, in Hom. mostly in phrase κατὰ μοῖραν in order, rightly, Il.16.367; “κατὰ μ. ἔειπες1.286, al.; “ἐν μοίρῃ πάντα διίκεο19.186, cf. Od.22.54, Pl.Lg.775c, 958d; opp. “παρὰ μοῖρανOd.14.509; ἔχει μ. it is meet and right, E.Hipp.988.
B. Μοῖρα , as pr. n., the goddess of fate, Hom. always (exc. Il. 24.49) in sg., Il.24.209, al., cf. Orph.Fr.33, etc.: three first in Hes. Th.905, etc.; as the goddess of death, Il.4.517, 18.119: generally of evil, 5.613; ἐγὼ δ᾽ οὐκ αἴτιός εἰμι ἀλλὰ Ζεὺς καὶ M. “καὶ ἠεροφοῖτις Ἐρινύς19.87: with epithets, M. κραταιή, ὀλοή, 5.629, 21.83; “κακή13.602; “δυσώνυμος12.116:—Trag. use sts. sg., A.Ag.130, Ch.910, etc.: sts. pl., Id.Pr.516,895, Ch.306, etc.; of the Furies, Id.Eu.172: later as objects of worship, SIG1044.8 (Halic., iv/iii B. C.).—In the phrases “θεοῦ μ.Od.11.292, “μ. θεῶν3.269, μοῖρα is Appellat., = destiny.
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