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ἀμφί , Prep. with gen., dat., acc.: (cf. Skt.
A.abhitas 'on both sides', Lat. ambi-):—radic. sense, on both sides; chiefly Poet. and Ion. Prose, replaced by περί in later Gk.
A. C. GEN. (Poet., Hdt., X.):
I. causal, about, for the sake of, . πίδακος μάχεσθαι fight for the possession of a spring, Il.16.285; “. γυναικόςPi.P.9.105, A.Ag.62; “. λέκτρωνE.Andr.123: like πρός, in entreaties, πρὸς Ζηνός . . Φοίβου τ᾽ . for Phoebus' sake, A.R.2.216.
2. about, concerning, once in Hom., ἀμφ᾽ Ἄρεος φιλότητος ἀείδειν sing of love, Od.8.267; “ἀμφὶ τιμῆςh.Merc.172 (cf. c. 4); once in Hdt., ἀμφὶ κρίσιος (as v.l. for κρίσι)“ μνηστήρων τοσαῦτα ἐγένετο6.131; more freq. in poets, “. δαιμόνωνPi.O.1.35, cf. A.Th.1017, E.Supp.642, etc.; prob. l. in S.Ph.554.
II. of Place, about, around, post-Hom., “. ταύτης τῆς πόλιοςHdt.8.104; “τὸν . Λίμνας τρόχονE.Hipp.1133.
B. C. DAT. (Poet., Ion. and later Prose):
2. more generally, at, by, . πύλῃσι μάχεσθαι at the gates, Il.12.175; ἀμφὶ [κόρυθι] διατρυφέν smashed on the helmet, 3.362; . πυρί on the fire, 18.344; ἀμφ᾽ ἐμοί clinging to me, Od.11.423; esp. of falling over one, Il.4.493; of a guardian, over,φύλακα . σοι λείψωS.Aj.562; “. γούνασι πίπτεινE.Alc.947.
II. of Time, ἁλίῳ . ἑνί in compass of one day, Pi. O.13.37.
III. generally, of connexion or association, without distinct notion of place, . νεκροῖσιν as concerning the dead, Il.7.408; freq. in Pi., ὅσσα δ᾽ ἀμφ᾽ ἀέθλοις as far as concerns games, N.2.17; ἐπ᾽ ἔργοισιν . τε βουλαῖς in deeds and counsels, Id.P.5.119; in virtue of,ἀμφὶ σοφίᾳ1.12; “ἐμᾷ . μαχανᾷ8.34; “ἀμφ᾽ ἀρετᾷ1.80, cf. O.8.42; “σέο ἀμφὶ τρόπῳN.1.29; . ἰατορίᾳ in respect of healing, B.1.39.
2. of impulses, . τάρβει, . φόβῳ for very fear, A.Ch.547, E.Or.825; “. θυμῷS.Fr.565; “ἀμφ᾽ ὀδύνῃA.R.2.96.
V. like ἐπί, added to,πόνος . πόνῳSimon.39.
C. C. ACC., most freq. in Prose (twice only in Th.):
I. of Place, about, around, mostly with a sense of motion, “. μιν φᾶρος βάλονIl.24.588, cf. Od.10.365; “. βωμίαν ἔπτηξε παστάδαE.HF 984.
2. generally, by, on, ἀμφ᾽ ἅλα by the sea, Il.1.409; . ῥέεθρα somewhere by the banks, 2.461; . περὶ κρήνην somewhere about the fountain, 2.305; . ἄστυ all about in the city, 11.706; Τάρταρον . μέγαν somewhere in Tartarus, h.Ap.336, cf. A.Pr.1029; “. ΕὔβοιανB.9.34; “. ΘρῄκηνE.Andr.215; . ψάμαθον somewhere on the sand, S.Aj.1064; . βωμόν at the altar, E.IT705; “περὶ πίδακας .Theoc. 7.142; of motion, to the neighbourhood of,ἦλθες . ΔωδώνηνA.Pr. 830.
3. of persons grouped about one, οἱ . Πρίαμον Priam and his train, Il.3.146, cf. 2.417,445; οἱ . Ξέρξεα his army, Hdt.8.25; but οἱ . Κορινθίους, οἱ . Μεγαρέας καὶ Φλειασίους the Corinthians, Megarians, etc., and those next them, Id.9.69: hence Att., οἱ . Πρωταγόραν the school of Protagoras or even Protagoras himself, Pl. Tht.170c; οἱ . Εὐθύφρονα Euthyphro's friends, Cra.399e, cf. Th.8.65; of a single person, perh. Pl.Hp.Ma.281c; so in later Prose, as Luc.VH2.18.
4. τὰ . τι that which concerns a thing, “τὰ . τὸ ἄριστονTh.7.40; τὰ . τὴν δίαιταν domestic arrangements, X.Cyr.8.2.6.
5. causal, about, for the sake of, κλαίειν . τινα weep about or for one, Il.18.339; μνήσασθαι . τινα make mention of one, h.Hom. 7.1, cf. Terp.2, Ar.Nu.595; “κελαδέοντι φᾶμαι . ΚινύρανPi.P.2.15, cf. I.7(6).9, A.Th.843; “. νιν γοώμενοςS.Tr.937.
6. . τι ἔχειν to be occupied about a thing, “. λιτάν᾽ ἕξομενA.Th.101; “. δεῖπνον εἶχενX.Cyr.5.5.44, cf. 5.2.26; “εἶναι ἀμφί τι7.1.1; “. τὰν δαῖσινLeg.Gort.5.46.
II. of Time, throughout, for, τὸν λοιπὸν . βίοτον, τὸν ὅλον . χρόνον, Pi.O.1.97, 2.30; about, at the time of, during,. Πλειάδων δύσινA.Ag.826; “. τὸν χειμῶναX.Cyr.8.6.22, etc.
2. of Number, “. τὰς δώδεκα μυριάδαςabout 120,000, ib.1.2.15.
D. POSITION. In poets ἀμφί sts. follows its case, “οἱ δέ μιν ἀμφίOd.23.46, cf. 10.218, B.17.53; “φρένας .Hes.Th.554, Mimn.1.7; but never suffers anastrophe, Hdn.Gr.1.480.
E. WITHOUT CASE, as Adv., about, around, on both or all sides, freq. in Ep., “ῥῆξεν δέ οἱ . χιτῶναIl.13.439; . δὲ λειμών around is meadow, Od.6.292; so “. περίIl.21.10, etc.
II. causal, for the sake of, ἀμφιμάχομαι, ἀμφιτρομέω.
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