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ἄναξ [α^], ἄνακτος (cf. Ἄνακες), , rarely fem. ἄνα for ἄνασσα, Pi.P.12.4, cf. A.Fr.342: (
A.ϝάναξIG4.236 (Corinth), etc., cf. “ϝάνακες4.564 (Argos)):—lord, master,
1. of the gods, esp. Apollo, “ἄγουσι δὲ δῶρα ἌνακτιIl.1.390, al.; “ Πύθιος ἄναξA.Ag.509; ἄναξ Ἄπολλον ib.513, Eu.85, etc.; “ὦναξ Ἄπ.S.OT80; ὦναξ without Ἄπολλον, Hdt.1.159, 4.150, al.; of Zeus, Hom. only in voc., “Ζεῦ ἄναIl.3.351, 16.233; “Ζεὺς ἄναξA.Pers.762; “ἄναξ ἀνάκτων . . ΖεῦId.Supp.524; “μὰ τὸν Δία τὸν ἌνακταD.35.40; Poseidon, A.Th.130; δέσποτ᾽ ἄναξ, of Ἀήρ, Ar.Nu.264; of Apollo Ἀγυιεύς, Id.V.875; ὦναξ δέσποτα, of Πλοῦτος, Id.Pl.748; esp. of the Dioscuri, cf. Ἄνακες, Ἄνακοι; of all the gods, “πάντων ἀνάκτων . . κοινοβωμίανA.Supp. 222, cf. Pi.O. 10(11).49.—The irreg. voc. ἄνα (q. v.) is never addressed save to gods; ὦναξ is freq. in Trag. and Com.
II. of the Homeric heroes, esp. of Agamemnon, as general-in-chief “ἄναξ ἀνδρῶν .Il.1.442, al. (so Euphetes 15.532, while Ortilochos is called “πολέεσσ᾽ ἄνδρεσσιν ἄνακτα5.546):—also as a title of rank, e.g. of Teiresias, Od.11.144, 151, S.OT284; of the sons or brothers of kings (“υἱεῖς τοῦ βασιλέως καὶ οἱ ἀδελφοὶ καλοῦνται ἄνακτεςArist.Fr.526, cf. Isoc.9.72, Clearch. 25, and so of Creon, S.OT85, cf. 911), and esp. of kings, as Xerxes, A.Pers.5, Darius, ib.787, cf. Ag.42, E.Ph.17, Or.349, etc.; βασιλῆι ἄνακτι lord king, Od.20.194; of the emperors, “θεοὶ ἄνακτεςIG14.2012A2, 4.1475 (Epid.).
III. master of the house,οἴκοιο ἄναξOd.1.397; “ἀμφὶ ἄνακτα κύνες10.216; as denoting the relation of master to slave, freq. in Od.; “ἄναξ, θεοὺς γὰρ δεσπότας καλεῖν χρεώνE.Hipp.88; of the Cyclops, as owner of flocks, Od.9.440.
IV. metaph., κώπης, ναῶν ἄνακτες lords of the oar, of ships, A.Pers.378,383; πύλης . θυρωρέ, of a porter, S.Fr.775; . ὅπλων E IA1260; “ψευδῶνId.Andr.447; “ὑπήνηςPl.Com.122; κέντρων, of planets holding cardinal points, Man.1.66.—Poet. word.
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