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τρίβω [ι_], Hes.Op.251, etc.: Ep. impf.
A.τρίβεσκονA.R.2.480: fut. “τρίψωS.Fr.483, (ἀπο-) Od.17.232: aor. “ἔτριψαPherecr.181; inf. “τρῖψαιOd.9.333, etc.: pf. “τέτρι^φαM.Ant.9.10, (συν-) Eub.62:—Med., fut. τρίψομαι προσ-) Antipho 4.2.8: aor. “ἐτριψάμηνCall.Lav.Pall.25, A.D. Synt.210.26:—Pass., fut. “τριφθήσομαιApp.BC4.65, etc.; “τρι^βήσομαιPlu.Dio25, (ἐκ-) S.OT428, (κατα-) X.HG5.4.60; also τετρίψομαι ἐπι-) Ar.Pax246; fut. Med. in pass. sense, Th.6.18, 7.42: aor. “ἐτρίφθηνId.2.77, Hp.Epid.5.6, Antiph. 102; (δια-) D.19.164: more freq. aor. 2 ἐτρίβην [ι^] Arist.Pr.893b40; (δι-) Th.1.125; (ἐκ-) Hdt.7.120; (ἐπ-) freq. in Ar., Th.557, al.; (κατ-) Pl.Lg.678d; (συν-) Ar.Pax 71, etc.: pf. “τέτριμμαιPl.Phd.116d; Ion. 3pl. “τετρίφα^ταιHdt.2.93. [ι^ only in pf. Act. and Pass., and fut. and aor. 2 Pass.]:—rub, τριβέμεναι κρῖ, i. e. thresh, thresh it out, because this was done by trampling under the feet of oxen, Il.20.496; μοχλὸν τρῖψαι ἐν ὀφθαλμῷ work round the stake in his eye, Od.9.333; χρυσὸν -όμενον βασάνῳ rubbed on a touchstone, so as to test its purity, Thgn.450; τ. τὸ σκέλος rub the leg, Pl.Phd.60b; “τὰς τῆς ψώρας ἰάσεις τῷ τρίβεινId.Phlb.46a; “τὸν ὀφθαλμόνArist.Pr.957a38; ἀμφορέως τὸν πύνδακα ib. 938a14; τ. τὴν κεφαλήν, in sign of perplexity, Aeschin.2.49; “ταῖς χερσὶ [τὰς τρίχας] τ.X.Eq.5.5; “τὸν πόδα μύροις τ.Eub.108 (hex.); of a masseur, Gal.6.151, 187; in blood-letting, Id.15.784:—Med., χρηστηρίοις ἐν τοῖσδε . . τρίβεσθαι μύσος rub one's pollution upon the shrines, pollute them with it, A.Eu.195:—Pass., “τετριμμένοι τὰ ἐπ᾽ ἀριστερὰ τῶν κεφαλέωνHdt.2.93; ὕλη τριφθεῖσα ὑπ᾽ ἀνέμων πρὸς αὑτήν, so as to catch fire, Th.2.77; “ὀδόντες τριβόμενοι πρὸς ἀλλήλουςArist. PA661b22.
3. crush,βότρυνArist.Fr.571.
II. wear out clothes (cf. τρίβων (A)), “τῶν ὑποδημάτων τὰ τριβόμεναPlu.2.680a; “τελαμῶνες μὴ λίαν τετριμμένοιSor.1.83; of a road, wear or tread it smooth, ἀτραπὸς τετριμμένη διὰ θυείας, with a play on pounding in a mortar, Ar.Ra.123; “τὴν τετρ. ὥσπερ ὁδὸν ἐπὶ τὸν μακάριον βίονPhld.Rh.1.260 S.; τρίβει οὐρανόν goes his way through heaven (cf. τρίβος), Arat.231; τ. κύματα, of a ship, AP9.34 (Antiphil.); “πόδας τρίβεινTheoc.7.123.
2. of Time, wear away, spend,δυστυχῆ τ. βίονS.El.602; “νησιώτην τ. βίονE.Heracl.84; “γεωργὸν βίον τ.Ar.Pax 589 (lyr.); “ὀδυνηρότερον τρίψεις βίοτονId.Pl.526 (anap.); τ. πόλεμον prolong a war, Plb.2.63.4: abs., waste time, tarry, A.Ag.1056, D.23.173 vulg. (διατρ. cod. S):—Pass., “ἐν τούτοις τρίβεται χρόνος ἐνίοτε μακρόςGal.16.578; ἀμφισβήτησις . . τρειβομένη πολλῶν ἐτῶν prolonged, OGI502.3 (Aezani, ii A. D.).
3. waste or ravage a country, E.Hec.1142.
2. of money and property, waste, squander it, “οὔτε τι τῶν οἰκηΐων τρίβουσι οὔτε δαπανῶνταιHdt.2.37.
4. Pass., to be much busied or engrossed with a thing, “πολέμῳHdt.3.134; ἀμφ᾽ ἀρετῇ τ. practise oneself in, use oneself to it, Thgn.465; “τρίβεσθαι περὶ τοὺς δυνατούςPhilostr.VA4.41: esp. in pf. part. Pass. τετριμμένος, practised, expert,ἔμπειροι καὶ τ.Phld.Rh.2.281 S.; “οἱ ἐν ποήμασι τ.Id.Po.5.21; τ. ἀκοή a trained, expert ear, ib.24; “πολεμικὸς καὶ τετρ. δι᾽ ὅπλωνPlu.Eum.11; “ἀνὴρ φιλοπόνως ἐπὶ τῶν ἔργων τετρ.Gal.15.585, cf. 623.
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