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Ἡρακλέης , contr. ἠπιο-κλῆς , , the former in Ep., Pi., Hdt., and E. Heracl.210, Ion1144, HF924; the latter also in E., S., and Att. Prose: the orig. forms of the obl. cases Ἡρακλέεος, -κλέεϊ, -κλέεα^ nowhere appear in use; but in Att. the contracted forms
A.ἩρακλέουςAr. Nu.1050, “ἩρακλέειE.Heracl.8,988, Ar.Av.567, “Ἡρακλέα_Id.V.757 (anap.) (also in h.Hom.15.1, Hes.Sc.448, Theoc.24.1); in Ion. and Ep., Ἡρακλῆος, -κλῆϊ, -κλῆα (“-κλῆϊPi.I.5(4).37, -κλῆος dub. in E. Heracl.541):—these forms are still further shortd., “ἩρακλέοςHdt.2.42 (v.l. -έους), Pi.O.3.44 (scanned -^- P.10.3), E.HF806 (lyr.), “ἩρακλέῖHdt.2.145, Theoc.25.71; “Ἡρακλέα^Hdt.2.42 sq., Pi.O.10(11).16, AP9.391 (Diotim. or Call.) (scanned -^- S.Tr.233, Ar.Th.26); again contr. “Ἡρα^κλῆS.Tr.476 cod. A, interpol. in Pl.Phd.89c, Ael. VH1.24; “ἩρακλεῖB.8.9, Th.7.73: irreg. acc. “ἩρακλέηνA.R.2.767, dub.l. in Theoc.13.73; contr. Ἡρακλῆν v.l. in Paus.8.31.3 and Epigr. ap.Alcid.Od.24, BGU166.12 (ii A.D.): voc. “ἩράκλεεςArchil.119, Pi. N.7.86, E.HF175; Att. “ἩράκλειςPl.Euthd.303a, etc., later “ἭρακλεςOrph.H.12.1 [α^], AP9.468 [α_], Gramm. ap. Lib.Ep.255: pl. “ἩρακλέεςPl.Tht.169b (but Ἡρακλεῖς Hdn.Gr.1.424), acc. “-έαςAr.Pax 741: dual “ΗρακλέεPhilostr.VA5.5: (Ἥρα, κλέος):—Heracles, Il.14.266, etc.; Ἡρακλέος στᾶλαι (v. Ἡράκλειος), prov. of going to the farthest point, Pi.O.3.44; Ἡρακλέους ὀργήν τιν᾽ ἔχων a temper like Heracles, Ar.V.1030, Pax752; prov. of close friendship, ἄλλος Ἡρακλῆς, ἄλλος αὐτός (Mss. οὗτος) Arist.EE1245a30; but ἄλλος οὗτος Ἡρακλῆς 'a second Heracles', Id.MM1213a13, Varr.Sat.Men.tit.: voc. Ἡράκλεις as an exclamation of surprise, anger, or disgust, Ar.Ach.284, Nu.184.
2. the planet Mars, Arist.Mu..392a25, Ach. Tat.Intr.Arat.17. [α^, long by position in Ep. and E., as Heracl. 123.]
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