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Παιάν , ᾶνος, , Ep. Παιήων , ονος, Att., Ion. Παιών , ῶνος (v. sub fin.), Aeol. Πάων , ονος, Sapph.Supp.20c.5:—Paean or Paeon, the physician of the gods, Il.5.401,899, cf. Pi.P.4.270; Παιήονος γενέθλη, i.e. physicians, Od.4.232.
2. title of Apollo (later as epith., “Ἀπόλλωνι ΠαιᾶνιBCH11.94 (Hierocaesarea); “ βασιλεῦ Π. . . ἌπολλονBMus.Inscr.1151); “ἰὴ Παιήον᾽ ἄειδονh.Ap.517, cf. Call.Hec.1.1.10 (in Id.Ap.103 ἱὴ ἱὴ Παιήον᾽, ἵει βέλος an etym. from ἵημι may be suggested); ἰὴ Παιών GDIiv p.884 (Erythrae, iv B. C.); “ἰήϊε ΠαιάνA. Ag.146(lyr.), S.OT154(lyr.); “ἰὼ ΠαιάνId.Tr.221 (lyr.), Ar.Ach. 1212; ὦναξ Π. E.Alc.220, etc.; τὸν Παίωνά (better Παιῶνά)“ τε καὶ τὰς Μούσας ἐπικαλούμενοςPl.Criti.108c, cf. Lg.664c, A.Ag.1248; “Πάον᾽ ὀνκαλέοντεςSapph. l.c.; also of other gods, “Ἀσκληπιὸς ΠαιώνAr. Pl.636, cf. Pae.Erythr.1; of Zeus at Rhodes, Hsch.; of Dionysus, Philod.Scarph.5, al., Orph.H.52.11; of Helios, ib.8.12; of Pan, ib. 12.11.
3. physician, healer, “παιὼν γενοῦ τῆσδε μερίμνηςA.Ag.99 (anap.); “παιῶνα κακῶνS.Ph.168 (anap.).
b. saviour, deliverer, “ θάνατε ΠαιάνA.Fr.255.1, cf. E.Hipp.1373 (anap.).
II. παιάν , Ep. παιήων , Att., Ion. παιών , paean, i.e. choral song, addressed to Apollo or Artemis (the burden being ἰὴ or ἰὼ Παιάν, v. supr. 1.2 ), in thanksgiving for deliverance from evil, “μολπῇ θεὸν ἱλάσκοντο, καλὸν ἀείδοντες παιήοναIl.1.473; “Κρητῶν παιήονεςh.Ap.518; “παιᾶν᾽ ἐπευφήμησενA.Fr.350.4, cf. B. 15.8, Procl. ap. Phot.Bibl.p.320 B.: hence opp. θρῆνοι, A.Ch.343 (anap.), cf. Sch.Ar.Pl.636 (but v. infr. 4); addressed to other gods, as to Poseidon after an earthquake, X.HG4.7.4.
2. song of triumph after victory, prop. to Apollo, Il.22.391 sq.; “ἁλώσιμος π.A.Th.635, etc.; also, battle-song, “παιᾶν᾽ ἐφύμνουν σεμνὸν ἝλληνεςId.Pers.393, cf. Lys.2.38, X.Cyr.4.1.6; addressed to Ares, Sch.Th.1.50; ἐξάρχειν τὸν π. or τοῦ παιᾶνος, X. Cyr.3.3.58, Plu.Rom.16; “π. ποιεῖσθαιX.HG7.4.36.
3. any solemn song or chant, esp. on beginning an undertaking, Th.7.75 (pl.); “π. γαμήλιοςAr.Th.1035 (lyr.); “τριτόσπονδος π.A.Ag.247 (lyr.); “ἔγχει κἀπιβόα τρίτον παιῶναPherecr.131.5, cf. Antiph.4, 85.5.
III. in Prosody, paeon, a foot consisting of 3 short and 1 long syll., _^^^, ^_^^, ^^_^, or ^^^_, Arist.Rh.1409a2 (in form παιάν; later παιών), Heph.3.3, etc.; also π. διάγυιος, the foot _^_, and π. ἐπιβατός, a foot of 5 long sylls., Aristid. Quint.1.16.— Attic form: Παιών is used of the god in IG12.310.229 (v B. C.), and in codd. of Att. Prose and Com.; παιάν is used of the song in IG22.1338.19 (i B. C.), but this may be Hellenistic; codd. have παιών in Pherecr.131.5, Ar.Th.1035, Pl.Ion534d, Lg.700b, 700d, Ep.348b (prob. also in Smp.177a), παιάν in Antiph.4, D.19.338, Aeschin.2.162, and freq. in X., HGIl. cc., al. (cf. παιωνίζω); the metrical foot is always παιών; the Ion. forms are παιών, Παιών, SIG57.12 (Milet., v B. C.), GDIivp.884 (Erythrae, iv B. C.):—Accentuation: Παιών (the pr. n.) An.Ox.1.276; παιών (the song) Theognost.Can.38, Eust.138.10, 1109.11, Suid.; παίων is sts. found in codd., and Παίων (the god) is right acc. to Suid. Cf. παιανίζω, -ανισμός, παιωνίζω, -ωνισμός.
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