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ἀμάω (A), Od.9.135, etc.; Ep. pres. part.
A.ἀμάωνA.R.3.1187, dat. pl. “ἀμώντεσσιTheoc.10.16: impf. “ἤμωνIl.18.551: fut. “ἀμήσωHes. Op.480, Hdt.6.28: aor. “ἤμησαHes.Th.181, A.Ag.1044, Ep. ἄμησα δι-) Il.3.359:—Med., Hes.Op.778, E.Fr.419: fut. “ἀμήσομαιS.Fr. 625 (v. infr. 3), A.R.1.688:—Pass., aor. part. “ἀμηθείςNic.Al.216: pf. ἤμημαι ἐξ-) S.Aj.1179. Simple Verb takes augm. in Hom., but not compds., v. Il.3.359, 24.165, Od.5.482. [Hom. has α_ in simple Verb, α^ in compds., Trag. always α^; later, α_ Theoc.10.16,50, A.R. 1.1183, etc., α^ Theoc.11.73, Call.Cer.137, etc.]:—orig., reap corn, abs., “ἤμων ὀξείας δρεπάνας ἐν χερσὶν ἔχοντεςIl.18.551; “ὑμνὸν ἀμάεινHes.Op.392; “θερίζειν καὶ .PHib.1.47.12 (iii B.C.); “ἥμενος ἀμήσειςHes.Op.480: metaph., ἤμησαν καλῶς they reaped abundantly, A.Ag. 1044: c.acc., “μάλα κεν βαθὺ λήϊον . . εἰς ὥρας ἀμῷενOd.9.135, cf. Thgn. 107; “ὡς ἀμήσων τὸν σῖτονHdt.6.28, cf. 4.199; “τἀλλότριον ἀρῶν θέροςAr.Eq.392.
b. metaph., “ἐλευθερίαν ἀμώμεθαPlu.2.210b.
3. mow down in battle. A.R.3.1187,1<*>82, AP9.362.25: fut. Med. ἀμάσεται is cited from S. (Fr.625) in this sense by Hsch.
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