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ἀναβάλλω ,
A.throw up,χοῦν ἐξ ὀρύγματοςTh.4.90, cf. X.Cyr.7.5.10, Ostr.1399 (i A. D.); “τάφρος ἀναβεβλημένηfoss and dyke, X.An.5.2.5.
2. . τινὰ ἐπὶ τὸν ἵππον put on horseback, mount him, Id.An. 4.4.4, Eq.6.12; of the horse, . τὸν ἀναβάτην unseat his rider, ib.8.7.
3. . τὰ ὄμματα cast up one's eyes, so as to show the whites, Arist.Pr.876a31; “τὰ λευκάAlex.222.9, Ctes.Fr.20.
4. cause to spring up,κρήνηνStr.8.6.2.
5. lay bricks, SIG2587.59, cf. Hyp. Fr.103.
6. lift, remove a tumour, Antyll.(?)ap.Orib.45.17.6.
7. Pass., to be lifted up, in prayer, “εὔχονται σπλάγχνοισι κακῶς ἀναβαλλομένοισιAristeas Epic.1.
II. put back, put off,μηκέτι νῦν ἀνάβαλλε . . ἄεθλονOd.19.584 (the only place in which Hom. uses the Act.); . τινά put off [with excuses], D.8.52; “. τὰ πράγματα4.14; distract one's attention, Philostr.Im.2.24:—Pass., ἀνεβλήθη ἐκκλησία it was adjourned, Th.5.45; ὥστε . . εἰς τοὺς παῖδας ἀναβληθήσεσθαι τὰς τιμωρίας will be put off to the time of the sons, Isoc.11.25; “ὑμεναίους οὐκ ἀναβαλλομένουςCall.Aet.3.1.43; cf. infr. B. 11.
2. pf. part. Pass. ἀναβεβλημένος slow, measured,αὔλημαD.Chr.1.1, cf. Hld.2.8: so in Adv. “-μένωςslowly, D.H.Dem.54.
b. of style, diffuse,τὸ ὕπτιον καὶ .Hermog.Id.2.11; λέξις ., opp. συνεστραμμένη, Aristid. Rh.2p.540S.
III. like B. 111, put on, . τὸ Κρητικόν (a short cloak) Eup.311 (s. v.l.).
IV. run a risk (prob. metaph. from dice), “ἐγώ σφε θάψω κἀνὰ κίνδυνον βαλῶA.Th.1033.
B. more freq. in Med., strike up, begin to play or sing (cf. “ἀναβολή11), “ἀναβάλλετο καλὸν ἀείδεινOd.1.155, 8.266, Theoc.6.20: abs., “ἀναβάλεοPi.N.7.77; “ἀναβαλοῦAr.Pax1269: c. acc., “εὐχὴν . τῷ ἜρωτιPhilostr.Im.1.29.
2. throw off oneself on another, refer a thing to him, “τὶ ἐπί τιναLuc.Pisc.15.
III. throw one's cloak up or back, throw it over the shoulder, so as to let it hang in folds, “ἀναβάλλεσθαι χλαῖνανAr.V. 1132: so also ἀναβάλλεσθαι alone, Id.Ec.97; “. ἐπιδέξιαPl. Tht.175e, cf. Ar.Av.1568; εἴσω τὴν χεῖρα ἔχοντα ἀναβεβλημένον with one's cloak thrown up or back, D.19.251; “ἀναβεβλ. ἄνω τοῦ γόνατοςThphr. Char.4.4; cf. “ἀναβολή1.2.
IV. = supr. A. IV, ἀναβάλλεσθαι μάχας risk battles, Hdt.5.49.
V. to be wroth, LXX Ps.77(78).21.
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