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δημόσιος , Dor. δα_μ- , α, ον ος, ον Hp. (v. infr.)),
A.belonging to the people or state,κτέαναXenoph.2.8; “τὰδ.Hdt.5.29, Ar.V.554; “δ. χρήματαCratin.171; “πλοῦτοςTh.1.80; χώρα, opp. ἱερά, ἰδία, Arist.Pol. 1267b34; “ δ. τράπεζαIG22.1013; τὰ ἱερὰ τὰ δ., opp. ἰδιωτικά, SIG 1015.9 (Halic.); ἀγῶνες, δίκαι, Aeschin.1.2, Arist.Pol.1320a12; δ. λόγος, = Lat. fiscus, BGU193.27, OGI1669.21; δημόσιον εἶναι, γίγνεσθαι, to be, become state-property, be confiscated, Th.2.13, IG22.1100.40 (Hadr.), Pl.Lg.742b, etc.; “γῆν δ. ποιεῖνLys.18.14.
b. used by the public, βαλανεῖα, λουτρόν, Plb.26.1.12, Hdn.1.12.4.
2. common, δημοσιώτατος τρόπος, τόπος, Arist.Top.162a35, SE165a5; “δημόσιος κακίηepidemic, Hp.Ep.19 (Hermes 53.67).
II. as Subst.:
a. δημόσιος (sc. δοῦλος), , any public slave or servant, as, the public crier, Hdt.6.121; policeman, Ar.Lys.436; public notary, = γραμματεύς, D. 19.129, etc.; public executioner, D.S.13.102: generally, public official,τὸν ἀρχέφοδον καὶ τοὺς ἄλλους δημοσίουςPOxy.69.13 (ii A. D.).
b. public victim, = φάρμακος, Ar.Eq.1136, cf. Sch. ad loc.
c. harlot, prostitute, Procop.Arc.9 (cf. Sapph.148).
III. neut., δημόσιον, τό, the state, Hdt.1.14, Aeschin.3.58; “οἱ ἐκ δ.public officials, X. Lac.3.3.
b. public building, hall, Hdt.6.52.
c. treasury, = τὸ κοινόν, ἀργύριον ὀφείλοντες τῷ δ. And.1.73, cf. D.21.182, Din.2.2; “ ἐκ δ. μισθόςTh.6.31; “ ἐκ τοῦ δ. τροφήPl.R.465d; “τελεῖν εἰς τὸ δ.BGU1188.12 (Aug.), 1158.18 (i B. C.).
d. the public prison, Th.5.18.
2. τὰ δ. public archives, OGI229.108 (Smyrna).
b. public dues, taxes, in pl., PLond.3.938.11 (iii A. D.), BGU1018.21 (iii A. D.).
IV. fem., δαμοσία (sc. σκηνή), , tent of the Spartan kings: hence οἱ περὶ δαμοσίαν the king's council, X.HG4.5.8, Lac.13.7.
V. as Adv.:
1. dat. δημοσία, Ion. -ίῃ, at the public expense, Hdt.1.30, Ar.Av.396, etc.; by public consent, D.21.50; on public service,δ. ἀποδημεῖνId.45.3; δ. κρίνειν try in the public courts, And.1.105; δ. τεθνάναι to die by the hands of the public executioner, D.45.81.
2. as a community, opp. ἰδίᾳ, Pl.Ap.30b.
3. commonly, popularly,τὰ δ. νομιζόμενα ἀγαθάLuc.Nigr.4.
4. regul. Adv. “-ίωςA.D. Adv.151.12; on public business,καταπλεῦσαιSIG520.7 (Naxos, iii B. C.).
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