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εἰσάγω [α^], Ion. impf.
A.ἐσάγεσκονHdt.1.196: pf. -αγήοχα Epist. Philipp. ap. D.18.39: pf. Pass. “ἐσῆγμαιHdt.2.49:—lead in or into, esp. into one's dwelling, introduce, c. dupl.acc., “αὐτοὺς εἰσῆγον θεῖον δόμονOd.4.43; Κρήτην εἰσήγαγ᾽ ἑταίρους he led his comrades to Crete, 3.191; “ἐς. τινὰ ἐς..Hdt.1.196, etc.: c. dat., “τινὰ δόμοιςE.Alc.1112 codd.; “εἰ. ψυχᾷ χάρινId.Hipp.526(lyr.); ὅταν σε καιρὸς εἰσάγῃ, = ὅταν καιρὸς σὲ εἰσιέναι, S.El.39; “νὺξ εἰ. πόνονId.Tr.29:—Med., admit forces into a city, Th.8.16,108; take in with one, introduce into a league or conspiracy, “Ὀτάνης ἐσάγεται ἸνταφρένεαHdt.3.70:— Pass., “τὴν θερμότητα εἰσάγεσθαι εἰς τοὺς πόρουςThphr.Ign.38.
4. εἰ. εἰς τοὺς φράτερας introduce a child to the members of one's φρατρία, Lys.30.2 (Pass.), Is.3.75, cf. D.57.54; “εἰς ΚήρυκαςAnd.1.127; “εἰ. τινὰς εἰς τὴν πολιτείανArist.Pol.1308a8; τινὰς ἐς σπονδάς secure their adhesion, Th.5.35; ἰατρὸν εἰσάγειν τινί call in a physician for another, X.Mem.2.4.3, cf. D.47.67:—Med., of the physician himself when ill, “εἰσάγεσθαι ἄλλους ἰατρούςArist.Pol.1287a41.
II. bring in, bring forward, esp. on the stage, “χορόνAr.Ach.II; “Ἥραν ἠλλοιωμένηνPl.R. 381d; “δράματαId.Ap.35b, cf. Luc.Hist.Conscr.58; of an orator, “εἰ. σεαυτὸν ποιόν τιναArist.Rh.1417b7; represent in art, Corn.ND28, al. (Pass.).
2. εἰ. τινὰ εἰς τὴν βουλήν bring a culprit before the Council, X.HG7.3.5, etc.
3. aslaw-term, εἰ. δίκην or γραφήν to bring a cause into court, of the prosecutor, A.Eu.580,582, cf. D.24.10, PHal.1.125, etc.; “ὑπόθεσινOG1669.41 (Egypt, i A.D.); also of the εἰσαγωγεύς II, Antipho6.42, IG12(7).3.40(Arcesine), etc.; οἱ δὲ θεσμοθέται εἰσαγόντων εἰς τὴν Ἡλιαίαν Lexap.D.21.47.
b. εἰ. τινά bring forward the case of an officer at the εὔθυναι (q.v.), D.18.117 : generally, bring a person into court, prosecute, Pl.Ap.25c,al.; in full, εἰ. εἰς δικαστήριον ib.29a, Grg.521c(Pass.), cf. Lg.910e,al.
4. pay in,τὴν τιμὴν ἐπὶ τὴν δημοσίαν τράπεζανIG22.1013.28 ; “ἀργύριονPHib.46.18 (iii B.C.), etc.
5. enter, register, POxy.1535.8 (Pass.), etc.
III. introduce to a subject, instruct:—Pass., εἰσαγόμενοι, οἱ, beginners, Ph.1.175, Gal.Libr.Propr.Prooem., etc.
IV. intr., enter, Sch.T.Il.6.252.
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